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Papa Kow Bartels
Papa Kow Bartels

Papa Kow Bartels currently serves as the Head of Trade and Investment at the Ghana High Commission (GHC) in the UK and a member of the board of the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company, UK. He is an experienced Enterprise Development Strategist with over 33 years of work experience spanning several fields of endeavour in the Enterprise Development space. He has had collaborative engagements with several international organisations (FAO, ILO, WTO, UNEP and more) and several local Ghanaian Institutions including the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI), Ghana where he has had many years of work.

Papa is a skilled Small Business Enabler, an ardent Trade and Investment Strategist with a passion for Emerging Businesses, Product Development and Technology Entrepreneurship of SME’s. He also has years of experience in donor-funded projects and programmes and has served on several Boards, Advisory Councils and Steering Committees.

Papa wears many hats in Agriculture, Post-harvest Science, Rural Engineering, Food Technology and Enterprise Administration. His passion is to drive Enterprise Development through sustainable growth approaches for Ghanaian SME’s so they can nexus Global Value Chains. He is extensively travelled, a counsellor and an ardent sports enthusiast.

Current position: Head, Trade and Investment, Ghana High Commission