Tech in Ghana Conference Accra
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Daniel Owusu
Daniel Owusu

Daniel has more than 8 years expertise in business strategy, design and service thinking, agile project management, digital marketing, branding, and visual design. He has a varied rich work experience from the social enterprise, not for profit organizations, startups,tech, digital media, education, financial services to FMCG. He has developed and managed 30+ Ghana Club 100 brands digitally.

Daniel’s mission is to transform lives and inspire change in Africa and has impacted more than 90,000 youths through capacity building trainings and conferences across Africa and some parts of Europe.

He aspires to help support the digital transformation of teams, products, services, business, and related ecosystem.

He is a Managing Partner at The Misfit Consulting, Founder of Orientation Africa, Curator of the Ghana Design Week and the Africa Innovation Lab.

Current position: Managing Partner, The Misfit Consulting