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Daniel Ankomah
Daniel Ankomah

Daniel is a professional money manager with over 8 years’ experience in debt and equity capital markets, corporate finance, strategy development and risk management. Currently, he is Head of Asset Management at SAS Investment Management (SAS-IM), where he has management responsibility for SAS-IM’s investment management operations with assets under management in excess of GHS 350 million which includes the management of SAS Fortune Fund, SAS Midas Fund and all Pension and Provident fund portfolios.

Daniel published the first explainer concerning the e-cedi upon announcement by the Governor of the Bank of Ghana about plans to introduce a digital version of the cedi. The article which was published in the Ghanaian Business and Financial times sought to lay out what generally CBDCs are and what impact the e-cedi will have on the Ghanaian economy.

Daniel has had explainer sessions with several Trustees of Pension schemes he manages to demystify what the proposed e-cedi represents and the key difference between the e-cedi and mobile money which is already part of the financial fabric of the Ghanaian economy. Daniel is an avid follower of the digital finance space and is a cryptocurrency expert. He was a lecturer for the Bitcoin Masterclass programme organised by Wryze Technologies. Daniel curates a weekly newsletter available on WhatsApp about current trends in digital finance and cryptocurrency. Daniel graduated from the University of Ghana Business School with an MSc in Financial Risk Management. He is holds the Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Industry Certificate and has a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from University of Ghana Business School.

Current position: Head of Asset Management, SAS Investment Management Limited