Tech in Ghana Conference Accra
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Cecil Nutakor
Cecil Nutakor

Cecil Senna Nutakor is a leading authority on the use of technology for self-paced education in Ghana. Combining a mix of self taught technology innovation skills and professional business development training, Cecil works with both students and professionals. He developed an ICT certificate program in use by two universities in Ghana. He is a highly sought after public speaker, an advocate for Internet access as a human right, the founder of eCampus; an online education platform, and also the CEO of E I L (Equinox Intercom Limited). Cecil holds an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from the Catholic University of Milan, and a BSc in Entrepreneurship and SME Management from GIMPA. His work has made him a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, He was named Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneur in 2013 by Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa).

Cecil also holds a Diploma in Exponential Technologies from Singularity University in Silicon Valley, California and in April 2017 won the SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge using eCampus to address a global grand challenge in Climate Change

Current position: Founder, eCampus