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Erik Buch Procida
Erik Buch Procida

BP Consultancy provides services within Sustainable Innovation pivoted in Digital Transformation and SDG Inclusion along Balanced Profit and Purpose.

Focus is on Implementation and Operationalization which is measured in terms of Return on Innovation, centered around Profit, People and Planet.

Erik has core competencies within business development, sales and management of solutions, ranging from product over system to project sales, from start-up over scale-up to corporate as well as from IT and digitization to heavy industry, predominantly B2B.

Erik is entrepreneurial, proactive, energetic and sees challenges rather than problems just like being thrilled to be challenged personally and professionally. Through the commitment, dynamics, accountability and independence, Erik has shown the ability to handle many business tasks successfully at the same time.

Via business understanding, creative thinking and flexibility, Erik has implemented innovation with focus on improvements in market position and growth, while at any time having both profit and purpose in balanced focus.

Current position: Founder, BP Consulting