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Ido Sum

Ido Sum, part of the founding team of TLcom TIDE Africa, has extensive operational and venture capital experience in Europe, Israel and Africa. Board seats include mobile companies operating in Europe, Israel and Africa.
Prior to TLcom, Ido was the co-founder and Managing Director of Airlines WiMAX Communication, an East Africa based mobile broadband operator. Prior to founding Airlines, Ido led a consulting business focused on web start-ups and web-incubators in Israel.

He also worked as Business Development Manager at TMT – Israel’s largest interactive television company. During his studies, Ido interned at Qualcomm, focusing on its emerging markets strategy looking at Africa and the Middle East. He is a Lieutenant (res.) in the IDF intelligence  corps. TIDE Africa is the first international venture capital fund focused exclusively on technology enabled services and innovation for Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) across all stages of the venture capital cycle. 

Current position: Investment Director, TLcom TIDE Africa