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Amar Deep Singh Hari
Amar Deep Singh Hari

India-born Amar Deep Singh Hari, who has lived in Ghana since 1992, is co-founder and CEO of West Africa’s leading IT company IPMC, which has spreads its wings over 25 locations in four West African countries, namely Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Liberia, while providing employment to over 700+ IT professionals. IPMC is the leading IT products distributor of multinationals such as HP, IBM, DELL, EMC, Microsoft, and Cisco. They are also a leading software developer and IT training provider.

Amar is a seasoned entrepreneur, educator, and consultant with 25 years of experience building and growing companies large and small. His experience includes leading sales and product development in successful corporate ventures of IT products distribution, software development, education, hospitality, entertainment centers, real estate, retail and agriculture setups in India, USA, Ghana and neighbouring West African countries. He has served on the founding teams and boards of for-profit and non-profit organisations in the fields of science and technology, information services, trading, and hospitality and has inspired various national level performances of art, culture and sports.

Current position: Co-founder & CEO, IPMC