Tech in Ghana Conference London
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Tony Annobil
Tony Annobil

Cryptocurrency investor, advocate and evangelist with a particular focus on Blockchain based Social Media platforms.

Since early 2014, Tony has specialised in all the leading cryptocurrencies, many since their inception, researching, trading, investing and contributing to projects. Now works full-time on managing, diversifying his crypto assets and assisting Start-ups.

He wants to share his experiences as well as help and guide others. You can follow his blog on the decentralised social media platform Stem.

Previously to moving full-time into the blockchain space (earlier this year), Tony spent 17 years in the Media industry. Working as a Business Affairs Manager for the BBC specialising in TV, Radio and Multi-media rights, particularly BBC and Indie programme and performer agreements.

Current position: Private Cryptocurrency Investor/Consultant

Twitter: @nanzoscoop