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Peter Awin
Peter Awin

Peter Awin, co-founder of Cowtribe, is an animal welfare activist and passionate Agripreneur born to a small family of livestock keepers in Northern Ghana whose wealth depended on having lots of cattle. Peter grew up appreciating the contribution of livestock in his life and that of the millions of poor farmers who depend on them.

Cowtribe is a pioneering animal healthcare technology company based in Ghana. Founded in 2016. Cowtribe leverages mobile technology and cloud computing to connect smallholder farmers in Africa to better veterinary care services. The platform is currently accessible to over 25,000 farmers in Ghana and plans to expand its services to 2 million vulnerable livestock producers in Africa by 2020.

Peter has recently been awarded a prestigious scholarship by SOCAP which recognises promising social entrepreneurs and innovators for their commitment to building businesses that will create a positive impact in their communities and across the world.

Current position: Founder, Cowtribe