Tech in Ghana 2020: Virtual Edition
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Palgrave Boakye-Danquah
Palgrave Boakye-Danquah

Palgrave is a Start-up Re-engineering Policy Consultant, Researcher, Lecturer and Missionary. His 18 years of work experience has exposed him to 4 continents of the world: Africa, Middle-East, Europe and Asia, (South-East Asia, and Central Asia), which counts to date his ongoing engagement and involvement with 78 countries.

Prior to Palgrave joining corporate Governance, was part of the team that led J-Life Africa, in Ghana. He’s trained almost 500,000 young people across 4 continents, equipped over 3000 churches and worked with almost 300 rural and urban communities in 78 countries.

He is an author of two books ‘Go In search of the one’ and Saved Alone’ He is the immediate Past Head of Programs at the Danquah Institute and now the Founding Executive Director of Kandifo Institute, a policy research training think tank that focuses on Leadership, Economy and Governance. Awaiting his graduation at Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre (KAIPTC) where he studied for a Masters in Conflict, Peace and Security with his dissertation focus on ""The effect of climate change on security in Ghana"". He is a Doctoral candidate at Nobel International Business School (NiBS) studying Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL) with his thesis focus on ""Analysis of Leadership behaviors of Presidents of Nations from transformational leadership perspective, a comparative analysis of Ghana, Rwanda and South Africa"".

Current position: Executive Director, Kandifo Institute

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