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Emmanuel Noah
Emmanuel Noah

Raised in Accra, Ghana, Emmanuel has witnessed first hand the bottlenecks present in the country’s land administration system. After his studies at the University of Michigan, Emmanuel returned to Ghana in 2015 where he undertook an 18 month Gates Foundation-funded research project at the Public & Vested Lands Management Division of the Lands Commission. It was during this time that Emmanuel was able to foster strong government relations at the Commission and build a team of fellow innovators to tackle the roadblock in the Commission's path towards digitalization and hence, BenBen was born.

As of today, Emmanuel continues to guide Benben and currently oversees its current projects with various financial institutions. Based in Accra, Ghana, BenBen is a digital land transaction platform that aims to tackle the inefficiencies of land administration to promote investment, reduce poverty and encourage transparent land resource management. Benben leverages cutting-edge big data and geomatic technology to facilitate trusted, and secure digital land transactions between land owners, financial institutions, and land sector agencies.

Current position: Founder, BenBen