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Einstein Kofi Ntim
Einstein Kofi Ntim

Einstein Ntim is a British- Ghanian entrepreneur and startup ecosystem builder that connects innovators to AI, Space, and other exponential tech networks. As the founding partner at the (GSE) - the first and largest creator of digital online accelerators in emerging markets for startups, governments, and corporations - Einstein provides access to capital experts and speaks on topics covering entrepreneurship, AI, exponential technologies and emerging markets.

Formerly a serial entrepreneur, Einstein founded a mental health facility and two health care startups - Enabled AI (The AI Mental Health App for Carers) and Bloomer Tech (which embeds IOT sensors into fabrics to tackle cardiovascular disease).

During his time in Silicon Valley, Einstein worked on connecting startups to Tim Draper's venture networks, Bold Emerge Capital, and other VC networks that target entrepreneurs from emerging markets. As an influencer within startup networks in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Africa, Einstein sits on Singularity University's Advisory Board for Inclusion and was selected into Ghana’s Future Leaders U30.

Prior to his work in the USA, Einstein had a diverse career in capital markets (UBS, Statestreet, Deutsche Bank), commodity sales, authorship, military (UK), Tutoring (Methodist Church) and professional sports (Harlequins Rugby). He has conducted business across Europe, China, India, Latin America and Africa for supranational companies. Einstein studied Economics and Policy at London School of Economics (LSE), Chinese Languages and Philosophy at Nanjing University, Faith and Theology at the Methodist Church of Britain, and acted as British Council GenUK Ambassador in India and China.

Current position: Partner Global Startup Ecosystem