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Charles Sekwalor
Charles Sekwalor

Charles Sekwalor is a serial entrepreneur with a strong passion for driving social and economic change in the world through the application of business principles and bringing together talented and diverse people to solve complex problems.

He is Founder and CEO of Movemeback, a platform on a mission to build a world where anyone can access opportunity anywhere. Specifically, through a global online platform and community, Movemeback connects top global talent, leaders and influencers, with exciting and distinctive opportunities across the African Continent.

Individuals and organisations in over 150 countries are using Movemeback to discover unique, high-impact career opportunities, build the next set of African businesses and social solutions, invest in high potential initiatives, collaborate on projects, and access invaluable insights and resources for relocating and navigating the African Continent. Through the development of the Movemeback community, Charles’ organisation is enabling and empowering talented individuals to shape and accelerate Africa’s social and economic development.

He commenced his entrepreneurial journey at an early age, building his first business in his teens before joining Imperial College and graduating with an Electronic Engineering and Management Masters. He subsequently launched a corporate career spanning 8 years across Accenture, Tesco and finally McKinsey & Company, where as a strategy consultant he advised global leaders, boards and Heads of State across all the world, on their top most challenges and opportunities. Since leaving the corporate world Charles has focused his energy and time on bringing people and communities together to build solutions that drive positive global change.

Charles is a British born Ghanaian (better known as Chale). He enjoys collaborating with others to solve big problems through innovation and rewriting rule books. He is an avid follower of Formula 1, enjoys travelling and amongst many things maintains a long-term side ambition to launch his F1 team and secure West Africa's first Formula 1 race.

Current position: CEO, Movemeback