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Bayo Adelaja
Bayo Adelaja

Bayo Adelaja has been awarded by Durham, Harvard and Oxford University's Business Schools. In 2018, Bayo was named one of the most influential women in social entrepreneurship in the UK, by Natwest Bank. She has been the subject of a TEDx talk and was twice quoted by David Cameron while he was the UK’s Prime Minister.

Bayo was once the youngest person working in a professional capacity at the House of Commons and has enjoyed a 10-year entrepreneurship journey during which she has helped over 1000 individual founders build better businesses.

Bayo currently works with organisations such as Google to create movements that spark a massive shift in the discussion around African development and the part tech plays within it. She is Chief Do-er at Do it Now Now, a social impact marketing and program development agency that provides brands, charities and corporations the opportunity to create truly impactful campaigns and programs that edify and equip the communities they are targeting.

Current position: Chief Do-er, Do it Now Now