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Bose Onaboye
Bose Onaboye

Bose Onaboye is a strategic visionary who is driven by the desire to use education, entrepreneurship, and community development & engagement to equip and empower young Africans to access career and industry opportunities across Africa.

Holder of an MBA from a Russell Group University and qualified in the Chartered Institute of Marketing; Bose has worked as a senior leader within UK Local Government for over 10+ years, and specialises in strategy development, operational implementation, improvement planning and innovation design.

Because of her keen eye for developing organisations, she also consults for SMEs in relation to branding, marketing and product development.

Bose is the founder of CHM Marketing & Publishing, and aims to create a digital and print production agency in Africa that will facilitate affordable brand reach for businesses and a franchise system that will enable low-income women to start their own businesses.

Current position: Director, CHM Marketing and Publishing