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Nelson Amo
Nelson Amo

Nelson Amo is CEO of Innohub Limited. He has experience in business development, business model innovation, growth planning and project management in the profit and non-profit sectors, leading projects in Accra, Berlin, Lusaka and Johannesburg.

He has an MSc. in Development Studies from LSE, with a special interest in Business Model Innovation at the bottom of the Pyramid, exploring the point of convergence between business and development, using business as a force for development.

He is the Grant Manager/Program Lead for mLab Ghana, a US$1.2million project under Ghana’s Ministry of Communication with funding from the World Bank, with the objective of promoting the development of digital start-ups, supporting them develop their prototype and launching on the market. He is also the Grant Manager for a US$3.2million component of an SME fund in Ghana, sponsored by Innohub through a World Bank grant.

Nelson also serves as Country Lead for the Sinapis Entrepreneurship Program, as well as the Innohub Accelerator Program, designing the structure and content of the latter. He previously led on the British Council’s ReadyToWork incubator program for 25 small and growing businesses, and was Academy Manager of the 2017 Growing Business Together, an initiative of MBC Africa with funding from the Dutch government, for 20 start-ups. He is part of a consortium working on the Cross Border Climate Technology Diffusion program in Ghana.

Nelson has led consulting projects across several industries including m-health, renewable energy, agribusiness, green housing, etc. Nelson is a Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance Fellow and a Coach of the Africa Entrepreneurship Awards, hosted by the BMCE Bank of Africa in Morocco annually. He holds a Train-the-Trainer certificate from the Coventry University’s Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship.

Current position: CEO, Innohub

Website: @madibaamo