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Kwaku Bediako
Kwaku Bediako

Kwaku Bediako has been designing right from birth. At 11 he was already drawing comics and building characters; at 15 he was drawing buildings; at 18 he was designing cars; at 21 he was writing movie scripts; and at 26 he fell in love with designing beautiful clothes.

The last child out of five, at an early age his mum bought sewing machines for all her kids among all the other lessons like cooking, cleaning, and board games. She planted the seed for where he is today.

After University, he started an idea company called Checkmates. Their services was marketing and business ideas. And this is how he met Mr Philip Ayesu (GM Multiproconcepts & CEO XMEN Grooming). Whilst working with him the love of the art grew from movie scripting to clothing and he began to go for tutorials from different tailors in Accra.

Chocolate Clothes started in March 2013, and got incorporated in 2018. Chocolate was inspired by the rich African values and culture, and the desire to give a new meaning to how good looking Africa could be.Chocolate Clothes aspire to become a household name that resonates with every Afrocentric person; a beacon of hope redefining the African narrative.

Chocolate Clothes was born out of the desire to make clothes worth craving for, and has been honoured to dress the Black Stars for the 2014 World Cup; was featured on CNN African voices in January 2016; Vogue magazine in 2017; and BBC radio in 2018, wining the EMY fashion designer award of the year in the same year.

Current position: Founder & Chief Creative Director, Chocolate Clothes Ghana