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Kamal Yakub
Kamal Yakub

Kamal Yakub is a social entrepreneur with 12 years of Corporate Accounting and Marketing experience. He is Chief Executive Officer of Trotro Tractor - an agricultural technology company that connects farmers with tractors and other agricultural machinery services like planters, combine harvesters.

Trotro Tractor was one of the KIC challenge winners in 2016, receiving $50,000 each as a result. Kamal also led the team to win the Duapa challenge organised by the British Council, Ghana. Duapa Challenge is an early stage social innovation support competition providing seed capital, business incubation, social mandate training and exposure to the UK for an already existing and viable social enterprise.

He is also the founder of, a crowd-funding platform for smallholder cattle farmers in Ghana. His interest is in the implementation of ICT tools and the Internet of Things (IoT) to solve peculiar problems in Agriculture and Governance. He promotes transparency in the parliament of Ghana through where he serves as the Community Manager.

Current position: CEO, TROTRO Tractor Ltd

Website: @KamalIssofa