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Jorge Appiah
Jorge Appiah

George (Jorge) Appiah is a Technoprenuer and Africa Tech-Policy Expert with a background in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (BSc), Business Administration (MBA) and Renewable energy (MSc).

He is passionate about youth employment and impact innovations which causes him to focus on accelerating the adoption of the 4th industrial age technologies in solving crucial challenges and creating jobs in Africa through Human Capacity building.

George has over 10 years’ experience in technology development, innovation process management and managing technology-entrepreneurship communities. He served as Consultant in various capacity in e-governance, digital skills development and digital entrepreneurship for the Government of Ghana and International development agencies.

He is the Co-founder/CEO of Kumasi Hive; a Tech Innovation Hub which through its Future Workforce for Africa Initiative trains undergraduate, unemployed and underemployed youth to acquire competent skills in emerging technologies (IoT, VR/AR, Biotech, Blockchain etc) for Problem-Solution-Startup incubation or getting employment.

He is a member of the STI Policy group of the UN Major Group on Youth and Children advocating and advising the UN agencies and the UN Secretariat on the youth perspective on the advancement of Science and technology.

George is a member of the Africa Union Commission stakeholder engagement group for E-Commence development in Africa. He contributes on issues as an expert on Tech Hubs and startups.

He is also a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper, a member of IEEE since 2010, a member of International Design and Innovation Network (IDIN) of MIT D-Lab and a Research Fellow at The Energy Center, KNUST.

Current position: Co-founder & CEO, Kumasi Hive

Website: @JorgeAppiah