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Raindolf Owusu
Raindolf Owusu

Raindolf Owusu is the CEO & Founder of Oasis WebSoft who has devoted his life to advocating for free and open-source software (FOSS). He is a visionary who believes in empowering nations with software and technology.

He founded Oasis WebSoft in July 2011 as an initiative to use software to solve the daily problems Africans encounter. As a software developer he is fluent in nine different programing languages. Some of his recognized works include Anansi Web Browser which happens to be Africa’s first web browser, Anansi Calcpad, Anansipedia and Dr. Diabetes. He also helped to develop and deploy Ebola Ghana Alert which was a reliable and easy-to-use application for tracking, training and dissemination of information to the public about the Ebola virus.

His most recent project is called Bisa which means ‘Ask’ in Twi. Bisa is a mobile application that allows users to ask doctors questions, guidelines, information and tips for managing their health. Users can also send a clear snapshot of the area they’re concerned about and medical professionals will review and respond to their query within a short period.

Dubbed the ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ of Accra by Forbes Africa magazine in 2012, he has been nominated and received various awards such as Guido Sohne Fellow 2012, Ideas Awards 2013, Mandela Washington Fellow 2015. He was also listed in Forbes Africa under 30 Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs in 2015, and New African Magazine named him one of 100 Most Influential Africans in 2015. He also received the prestigious Junior Chamber International’s ten most outstanding young person’s award in Ghana.

In 2016, he won the International Telecommunications Union Young Innovator Award. He also consulted for the World Food Program's Innovation Accelerator in Munich, Germany.

Current position: Founder & CEO, Oasis Websoft

Twitter: @raindolf