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Kelvin Nyame
Kelvin Nyame

Kelvin Name is Co-founder and CEO of - arguably the biggest real estate site in Ghana with over 24K property listings across the country.

Kelvin’s entrepreneurial Journey started in his second year of university when he teamed up with two friends to start an internet cafe, and at the same time tried to start a remedial school for students who were looking to make a good grade to study in the University.

He completed his degree in 2010 and served the nation as a teacher at a vocational school for a year. During this period he applied to and was selected for the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). He graduated from MEST in 2013 with a business idea that got a $90K seed funding. Today this idea is, run by two co-founders and an 18-strong team after a follow-up $800K series A investment from Frontier Digital Ventures.

Current position: Co-founder/CEO,