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Kane Mani
Kane Mani

Kane Mani is a Ghanaian technology entrepreneur who co-founded and runs Origgin, a leading Ghanaian technology company. Kane started his first two companies at age 19 and 20 respectively. Both companies failed. At age 21, Kane co-founded his third company, Origgin with a friend from his university room at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). Kane run the company from his university room for a year, until he dropped-out to work on building the company full time.

As a tech entrepreneur, Kane has grown from a start-up entrepreneur to become one of the leading and most recognised technology entrepreneurs in Ghana. He is driven by a mission to put technology at the centre of everything and make it universally accessible to everyone, and has a vision to build Origgin into a great and enduring company that will grow to live over a 100 years.

In coming years, Kane seeks to lead his team to build Origgin to become a $100 billion publicly traded technology company, and become the biggest and most successful technology company in Africa.

Current position: CEO, Origgin


Twitter: @kaneoforiggin