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Jacquelyn Omosunbo Omotalade
Jacquelyn Omosunbo Omotalade

Jacquelyn Omosunbo Omotalade is heading Public Policy for Uber, West Africa. In this role, Jackie focuses on the development and implementation of Uber’s policy agenda across all of the West African markets.

Jackie has been with Uber since March 2017 and previously worked as the former President of the San Francisco Commission on the Environment. She is a former Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia.

Growing up in USA, Nigeria and Germany, she has a passion for tech, law/advocacy, communications and environmental and public health. She is a qualified attorney having completed a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh.

‘Jackie O’ is an innovative global leader that has successfully built and led organisations delivering complex services that serve thousands She has been recruited to manage progressively larger organizations because of her deep expertise in developing winning strategies, building and motivating highly-engaged teams, crafting win-win partnerships and delivering complex services that serve thousands.

Current position: Public Policy, Uber, West Africa