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Derek Laryea
Derek Laryea

Mr Derek B Laryea is the Head of Research & Communications at the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications; a private initiative and industry association of mobile operators and infrastructure companies.

Prior to his current role, Derek was Reputation Research, Planning & Budgeting Administrator at Scancom (MTN) Ghana, where he was actively involved in the coordination, implementation and evaluation of MTN’s community-based projects and social marketing campaigns. He is credited for managing the template for the production of the annual sustainability report of MTN’s Carbon Footprint Analysis.

Over the past half decade, Derek has been an active member within the telecoms industry negotiating and helping to direct telecommunications policy, legislation and regulation, and pursuing research towards the development of telecommunications in Ghana.

As his social responsibility in the building of inclusive governance, Mr Laryea serves as the Taxation Working Group Head for the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) an international NGO which is lobbying governments to facilitate improvement in ICT policies/regulations that will enable the private sector to be incentivised to help spread Internet coverage for use by all at an affordable rate.

Current position: Head of Research & Communications, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

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